Need Help Please

I recently downloaded ParrotOS,
Its actually for college projects,when i enter the vi command or vi insert mode at the end of every line there is a “$”
how do i remove it caz it really becomes confusing

$ represents end of line.

To remove it, try:

:set nolist

To make it more ‘permanent’ for vim use, edit your home .vimrc file and change set list to set nolist. You can always change this back later.

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The first part worked but I don’t find anything such as “set list” in my vimrc file.
Wanted to make it permanent

this is what the file says


ParrotOS is using neovim

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after installing problems can you solve it

can you solve it

Hi Ashir, if you want to edit your vim configuration, you need to edit the neovim configuration files in ~/.config/nvim/ or some related (in some cases is ~/.nvim/ only).
For more information you can read these wiki:

And don’t forget to search on google and upload more detailed information about your problem.

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