Need some advice on installing parrot os

Is it possible to install parrot os on Samsung Chromebook 3?

As far as I know Chromebooks are not very compatible for Linux. Be careful if you try it.

Have you tried live booting to the usb? does it function? Is wifi working?

No I haven’t done that yet cause I didn’t know if the comp could handle it, I installed kali-rolling on it with crouton, that runs fine, it’s just these computers don’t have much storage, I was trying to see if anyone had actually been able to do it

Crouton should work for your install, you can also chroot it too if you’d like from there.

See I was super confused on how to go about that, because I was able to download Kali from the crouton list that it gives you to choose what is you want, but parrot wasn’t a choice and I’m not sure how to do it manually

I stand by my ‘it should work’. but reference this, it might be what your looking for

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Thanx I really appreciate it

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