Need some help

(Milktheblackmomba) #1

So I don’t know anything towards hack, programming, and etc. is there anything you guys can do to help or guide me into the right direction because I only know how to do very few things on parrot, and I’m invested in it and i won’t give up on it so, yeah.


i recommend you this,

it gives you straight direction to computer security and use of the most used pentesting tools. when you are done with this, you got the base skills and you will know what to do, what to search and what to improve.

500 pages is nothing don’t worry, lots of image to explain, and with willpower to do it, you will finish it and understand it in a week.

(Milktheblackmomba) #3

thanks man

(RJ Levesque Jr) #4

I have a site that is centered on learning all about the Parrot Security OS. It is still fairly new but growing all the time. Majik Cat Security