Need to install os on a not primary drive

Hi there,
I am trying to install parrot os on my laptop. I have a SSD and a HDD hard drive installed. My main operating system is installed in C: drive and I want to install to a partiton of D: the Parrot OS. The catch here is that I dont want to avoid creating a dual boot where you select the OS you want to log in. I need a clean install on the d: drive so I can remove hard drive any time. I have tried runing the installer and succesfully created an partion with size needed for OS. But when I run the installer it promtps to create a Dual Boot screen and then I have the option to select the drive I want to install bootloader if I answer the prompt no. But after installer is finished I cant boot in the OS and when I check the Disk Management the partition is unformated and only visible in Disk Management. Any suggestion how can I setup my OS like this?
Thank you in advance.

P.s: I have a virtual machine with parrot os and I want to have it in my hard drive because I liked this OS so much.

You just need to install OS then select disk for boot. When you selected, your boot will be replaced by the grub and Windows and Linux will be detected in grub.
The reason disk is not showed is Linux uses ext4 or btrfs for disk format so Windows doesn’t “see” it.

Thank you for responding.
And that is when the “error” occurs. I have set the bios to primary boot from eSata which is my HDD(not containing my main OS) but it straightly boot on windows. Maybe the problem is that I tried to use only a partition of my drive and maybe the BIOS does not recognize.

Sorry I replied to my topic not your response.
Thank you again. :slight_smile:

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