New Parrot fan : questions on ecrypt HD and more pls

Hi everyone,

I am rather new to Linux and Parrot, but I am already a Parrot fan ! :smiley:

Here is my support post to the community please

I am running Parrot on on a dual-boot Win 10 laptop, having Windows installed on the SSD, and I have install Parrot on the other HD, with partitions for both Windows and Parrot.

The installation went smoothly but I couldn’t get a Swap partition created, don’t know why.

  1. Can you please tell how can I have my Parrot disk partition encrypting from installation ? Can I encrypt the current partition I am using or do I have to re-install everything ?

  2. About the Swap, my ParrotSec doesn’t have one, but what’s the recommendation please? I have found on the internet how to add one but I would like to figure out how ?

  3. The screen display is shaking/instable on occasion. It never happens when I use Windows. Do you have this kind of thing and what to do about it please ?

  4. ParrotSec is a great Infosec distribution and I wonder please what are the steps/precautions needed to avoid creating vulnerabilities on my system can you help exploits ?

Many thanks !


Answering to your question:

  1. Afaik you can’t do post-install full disk encryption, but only home partition. Maybe someone who did this can help you.
  2. If you have SSD, no swap is needed. If you have HDD, you have to create swap partition.
  3. Does your laptop has an Nvidia/Amd videocard? Can you please show any logs or anything that can show us the issue?
  4. The main tip is always to have the system up-to-date, perfoming update/upgrades every time they’re available. The next main tip is: Use sudo instead of Root. Logging in as root directly may expose you to vulns and exploit and many other dangerous things. That’s why many Parrot tools needs sudo for running them.

Many thanks for your response - sorry for late message, but just saw yesterday that my topic got approved and responded.

  1. Thanks for your response.
  2. Parrot is installed on HDD, so will add swap. cheers.
  3. My laptop has a NVIDIA video card ; please be aware though that yesterday and today, I haven’t got any occurence of that screen shaking, so I don’t know what it was, but looks like it doesn’t happen anymore. Will check again. What kind of log could be helpful please ?
  4. Many thanks for the advice!