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Hello, we are considering the migration to a new domain for our website and we would like to involve our community in making this decision.

these are the domains we propose to you: - our historical domain we were all grown up with - currently used as a test-pilot domain to resolve only to the anycast-ip edge nodes of our CDN and debug worldwide connectivity issues - the domain used to handle our infrastructure and internal processes and that we used some weeks ago to handle a disaster recovery - new domain with com extension - new domain with org extension

why not continue with ?

Our distro was formerly called Parrot Security, and it was only a pentest distribution for years. Now it is a broader project with a home edition, and the security edition is just one of its derivatives.
A more general purpose domain that does not include “sec” in it would better reflect the general scope of the project, and we might use the for better things (a website dedicated to the security flavor?)

We want your ideas!

yes, we want to hear your feedback and understand how you would like us to handle our domains.
Should we migrate to is the .org extension better for an open source project? should we use instead? we are here to listen you


i would personally like to migrate the website to (with as a backup) and use for internal services, the repository, the builders etc


Sec sounds sexy, parrotlinux sounds good for our milestones. I prefer .org because we are doing open source project.


.com makes it for me personally
maybe its just because there is no other .com domain in the list. :slight_smile:
if i could freely choose i think i would like .net most, as i always did with domain tld :smile:


That good for me boss !


Hello, the main thing is that it would be safe for everyone. Everything else is up to you and your professional team.
I support any decision you make because I trust you.

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KISS - sounds like you could be making a rod to beat your back with further down the road - (too many domains error!) :wink:

Also - personally I prefer .org to .com - I think the time is coming that “we the people” grow weary and jaded of the Corporates and their greedy, evil, selfish ways - there is a respect for grass-roots model and I believe it is the future - de-centralised and transparent.

Just my two Satoshis :wink:


As an open source project, particularly one as community oriented as our beloved Birdie. The dot org kinda feels right to me…


.com may (or may not) give a first impression Parrot could possibly plan to go the way of Redhat (RHEL). That is just the possible side effect 1st impression left on linux distros who choose .com as main domain. Either way you guys deserve funding.

If I had to make the choice and/or because IMHO they are both easy to remember & the names define website/project goals. The .org as you mentioned helps orient an ‘open source’ “freedom” feel.

I am sure whatever you guys decide on it will be a hit.

Just my opinion :slightly_smiling_face:

btw - what’s with .sh - what is the significance of that exactly (appart from maybe some British overseas Tax Heaven?? ). Are the Parrot Team planing on walking off into sunset with suitcases of cash sometime in the future?!

Personally I liked as it’s short, ugly but short. We would have gone with .net but we don’t have that domain and honestly if its not a domain we don’t own unless it’s a firesale we don’t care to pay exorbitantly to get it either. I think is best as our landing page with for all services.

We’ve had it for sometime, we try to pick our domains as far out in the future as possible but we selected it for the main domain because of it’s size doesn’t reflect us well and is a bit long.

I agree with many of you .org reflects us and less corporate.


what is .sh?
ask linux system whereis sh


you lost me - unless you are refering to the obvious .sh as a shell extension (which btw the I do not use any extensions on scripts. I believe that regardless of bash, perl, python, binary, etc should be transpartent to user what the source is - what’s important in the function of the ‘tool’)…

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I have stated my preferences when this discussion came up on Telegram about a week ago.

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well everything beside of is still available. and are still there to buy for a normal price. and as you say this project should be have a larger scale, i think that parrotlinux is a must as domain name, no matter what tld to follow. personally i like the most but its up to you guys :slight_smile: and then just stick with 1 domain and work with subdomains as you allready do, like home.parrotlinux.tld, sec.parrotlinux.tld and so on

would make most sense to me instead of giving everything a own domain or having multiple :slight_smile:
but those are just my thoughts.

oh btw, just because i like the net domain so much, i thought i need to buy it so i can sell it to you for a big price :smiley: nah, just kidding, but i would buy and donate it to you if you want :wink:


.org is better because it’s the extension used by a variety of notable distros, to say nothing of FOSS/FOSS orgs. To name just a few: Arch, Debian, CentOS, Tails, openSUSE…

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I feel like the .com version would have much more traffic, much more community input, and create more core users.