New Parrot System

I am going to soon install Parrot on a Dell XPS 9710 system which has Windows on it.
Windows will be wiped completely so no dual boot or in Windows Linux.
There will be a 2TB M.2 SSD , 64 GB RAM and a 3060 Nvidia card.

The question is what will be the best way to go about it
and to have the usual pain points like audio and graphics
working right after install.

The current plan is to use balena-etcher to burn the Parrot iso on
a USB stick . I also plan a larger root than usually suggested
by the Debian based installers.

There will be almost no gaming on this system,mainly development,
application testing and database testing as well as several
Virtualbox systems.

Any suggestions or experiences are appreciated.

You are free to perform whatever you said above
but if you are not sure about installation then refer the documentations at parrot website Install Parrot - Parrot Documentation
also check few of its next pages which might be useful for you even if it’s dualboot and you ain’t dualbooting.

Thank you. I will see how it goes.