New to Parrot and have 3 general questions.


I’m new to Parrot and would like to start using it without always booting from usb and had three general questions.

  1. Is it possible for some government to install some sort of monitoring application
    through a backdoor, or is this impossible or at least very difficult through Parrot.

  2. As Parrot is used by hackers, is it possible to get hacked (passwords stolen
    etc.) through a zero day vulnerability in its source code found by one of its users?

  3. How easy is it to install a third party VPN (I know I can use Tor, but say I want
    to use a good VPN)

Thank you for your time,

  1. If you was targeted by a government then yes they would have to tools to get to you no matter what OS you use.

  2. Again if you was targeted and the hacker was good enough then yes he would get what he wants.

3.Installing a third party VPN very easy.