New Tool for Parrot OS


I would like to submit few of my own tools.

  1. ReconCobra
  1. Flameapk
  1. Tishna
  1. XSS Finder

Pretty sure many of the team members would argue that parrot comes pre-shipped with a bunch of tools that does the same job and rightfully so. Me being a lazy koala, Im a fan of tools that automate your job, for instance this tool called pakuri (Source code : makes basic entry-level pentesting much more easy, but I guess we stick by the moto that we want users to learn rather than being spoonfed. Automated tools are all fun until someone needs to perform simple tasks like performing a basic intense nmap scan on a target with some sort of exception or inclusion pointer and they fail to do so but the same people would pack an apk with an exploit that is been provided in metasploit package since 2014 without knowing how android packages actually works and what goes behind the scenes or what are the full capabilities of that exploit just because there is an automation tool that allows a user to “hax andr0id in 2 minut3s”. Seen a lot of people like such.

What do you have to say @dmknght about automated tools? :joy:

@Mrharoonawan Im sure devs would consider your suggestion but at the end of the day, I wouldn’t give you false hopes that the tools you mentioned will absolutely be available in next update.


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I am not a fan of automation. But i do have an idea for a framework of something like automation.
I would like to know more about the flameapk. The description is too short

Mess around it. I haven’t tried it (yet)

Let’s consider a replacement for apktool if flameapk is any better. Let me know your thoughts after you try it :slight_smile:

yeah ofc. Mobile pentesting and other section should be focused heavily.

And your wish is my command, princess!

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