New Tools Proposal - Catana, TimeVerter, HacKontext

I don’t know if it is the right section, but I would like to propose some useful tools I developed in the last period that could be useful for users:

  • Catana: tool used for cutting huge wordlists (as rockyou.txt) according the Password Policy of the target. It allows to save a lot of time during brute force testing.
  • TimeVerter: tool used for bruteforcing time-based tokens. In the GitHub repo there are the steps where tests target server using time-based tokens.
  • HacKontext: menu context for browsers useful for getting all the needed information (http method, headers, data) to be used on security tools like ffuf, sqlmap, osint tools, and so on, just by mouse right-click on the target website.

If you need additional information, I’m available.