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Recently just recently got into this article

I am really impressed to see that. { Since I remember i had got headache to get the little of same by mycroft and google voice assistant project }. I want to request to the developer of distro to add the same feature in our’s too. Since i know that we want parrot light {if that is heavy} at least provice that as application or something like extension or add-on. But I think that this would be really good to see in my parrot:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: too


My own opinion on AI voice command feature is that it w/do constant collection of all activities on computer in order to interact/work with user-- IMHO most would not be okay with this. It also makes users less inclined to learn how linux works by having AI do much of the work for a user. By requiring less of the user, they learn less, and in turn, THINK less.

I can see how it may be attractive to certain users, especially helpful for those w/disabilities who have trouble navigating.

Maybe searchable on some repository somewhere but pre requisites alone might require surveillance/spying like software/libraries preinstalled IMHO (hypothetical). That would be a problem for many users including myself.

It might also may be (likely) open to sound related vulnerabilities.

I mean nothing personal by this.This is just my opinion (partially speculation based on likely functionality) though & to be honest I haven’t done a lot of research on this exact software. I am a bit biased against our AI Smarthome overlords ‘watching us every minute’ future to be quite honest.

PS: if this is something that interests you I am sure you could install it on your own system. And I would be open to the idea of pointing you in the right direction on that if you needed help. I still like to learn about these things. :slightly_smiling_face:

At the end of the Forbes article: “this is not destined to win over more privacy concerned linux users.”

One would have to have ULTIMATE TRUST in the developers of this AI voice assistant since it would have FULL control over the system/learning & be commanded by sound. This could open it up to all kinds of sound vulnerabilities & absolutely opens doors to sound based backdoors. These risks are worth considering if you decide to install it on your system.

I just couldn’t help but offer my opinion. Consider the risks for your self. Even if you like the idea it may be a good idea to wait & after it is audited.


First of all welcome @sudipghimire! :slight_smile:

Well, for sure it’s great news for Deepin OS and congrats for the innovation.
The KI or AI world is really a hot topic to be discussed. We’ve recognised all in the past and now Google, Siri or Alexa are listening us. Anyhow, having a voice assistant like Cortana (Windows) wouldn’t be a positive side for Linux.
Linux should be always a cornerstone for secuirty, privacy and don’t start any experiments with Voice Assistants.
For sure, you may think “Oh, really…; you’re soo old-fashioned!” I say to you: “Yes, true. I’m 30. But I don’t want to have always the hype stuff. Nevertheless, I have Alexa and Google at my home. So, it’s “funny” and scary…:-).”

I don’t think Voice Assistant is going to be a topic for us here on Parrot bc our mission and aim is providing an OS based on security and privacy.



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I’d rather not have that and have my activities and conversations recorded parrot is about security and privacy


Talk about voice assistant, here is something that you won’t want to have in your system


@dmknght thx for sharing the link! It’s very interesting :slight_smile:

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