No audio device installed

HI i’m new to Parrot and newer to Linux. I have an HP Chromebook that i am attempting to run Parrot. It is running an Celeron N2840 processor

New installation
Parrot 5.0 LTS

Kernel Version

i have tried a bunch of different fixes including modifying the alsa config. and modifying modprobe.

not sure where to go from here i was previously running a version of mint from last year with no problems with audio. now all devbian based versions seem to cause this problem. i have tried Kali, Mint, Ubuntu, and a couple others but still have no luck to repair or find a fix for this. again any help would be appreciated.


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Same issue here, I think the current best way is to wait for the next kernel release,
5.15 up should hopefully take care of this issue. Alternatively you can try a bluetooth
headset as some setups have success via this route.

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