No Boot Loader

Hi All,

I have a fun problem.

I found a pc tower for sale online and I got it cheap because the owner had been using a partition manager and wiped his hard drive completely, including the boot loader.

So I took a gamble and bought the tower.

I have a USB stick with Parrot OS, I already have Parrot dual booted with windows on my laptop. My plan is to see if I can boot into a live session to start with on the new tower.

But here is my question, if I try and install Parrot OS from the live session will that sort out the partitions on the hard drive, will it create new ones, also will it create a new boot loader.

Sorry if this sounds like a daft question, I have never had to fix a broken boot loader before.

Thanks very much


Greetings John, :slight_smile:

Yes, the installer can repartition everything for you and, of course, install Grub bootloader.

Hi Birdlover

Thanks for the reply, so just to confirm I go through the installation process as normal and the hdd will be partitioned.

That’s pretty cool, got myself a not too badly spec tower.

The weather is supposed to be pretty crap this weekend in the uk so I will sort the computer out then.

Thanks again


If you ever have problems with GRUB, we have an easy to use Guide for Troubleshooting and solving the issue: Troubleshooting GRUB

That’s great thank you

Works a treat all up and running.

Thanks a million

quick follow up. I found a dumped pc and harvested a 50gb hard drive. Connected up via a cheapo hd box, instaled Parrot and now use it as my playground. I can cock things up with impunity and test other distros, when things go wrong I just reinstall. LONG LIVE RECYLING.

That’s awesome, I’m chuffed to bits that this box is up and running, 4 gig of ram, 1tb hard drive, Packard Bell brand and Intel pentium processor, a few hundred quids worth of tower for almost nothing. I have plugged in my big screen TV and USB hard drive so it works well as a media centre and with Covid 19 ever present if I need to I can remote log into work and work from home. Sometimes a gamble really does pay off.

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