No bootable device found

(Alabi Adeyemi) #1

After i installed parrot sec 4.4, i restart my device and its showing no bootable device were found…


what device ? how did you install parrot ?

(John) #3

Did you try to boot from eufi or legacy bios?

(Alabi Adeyemi) #4

I boot from uefi

(Alabi Adeyemi) #5

I installed through pen drive

(Amzker Pro Hacker) #6

Make bootable via Etcher
You missed adding Grub so this problem occures

(Monk) #7

Did you install from the Live USB menu or from the Live Desktop?

(Alabi Adeyemi) #8

How would I do that?

(Alabi Adeyemi) #9

Live desktop

(John) #10

Download etcher
Then extract to desktop
Then click on it and press yes
Then make a bootable usb version using this tool

When you get to the installation menu, click live.

When the operating system loads search the menu for installer and install it from the live parrot os.

(Monk) #11

Do not install parrot from a Live Desktop environment. While you can get it to work, it requires repeating some steps to get grub to install.

Your best bet is to install from the Live “Menu” as soon as your computer boots to the first ParrotOS splash screen. Any of the installation methods should work. I usually use the GTK GUI version.

What I’ve done on all of my comps is boot into a live desktop environment, set up my partitions using Gparted, then rebooting into the LIve Menu and then installing.

There have been a few people that have complained about the installer from the Live Desktop not installing grub, or installing in a manner that creates no bootable device.

Hope that makes sense.

(John) #12

Cyber are you still having problems I may of come up with a fix?

(Alabi Adeyemi) #13

I’ve installed it successfully via installer… Thanks

(Monk) #14

I’m glad that worked.

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