No communication between 2 Parrots with OBS NDI


I setup 2 brand new installation of Parrot 4.9 Mate Security via the ISO and OBS-Studio 25.0.8 (via apt install) on 2 laptops (both Intel i5 so AMD64) which I also install OBS-NDI 4.5.1, update and reboot.

  • Both machine ping each other

Just to mention, I used this kind of setup before with both Ubuntu (18.04 and 20.04), Debian (Testing) and Kali 2020.2 and it was working perfectly.

The top main reason NDI mention of this kind of issue are

  1. The mDNS ports are blocked on the sender, receiver or network.
  • Does anybody knows if Parrot block mDNS ?
  1. The NDI sources are not on the same subnet. NDI-enabled devices must be on the same subnet to automatically discover each other.
  • In even with static IP over Ethernet it still not working but machine still able to ping each other
  • If I understood well my machine need to have ports 5960-5970 open and for NDI Discovery than port 49152-65535 to scream at each other. Neither IPtables and UFW seams to filter anything and/or even being started by default.
  1. NDI Access Manager (included in the free NDI Tools download available at and remove all of the listed Output and Receive groups for the NDI sources in question.

I understand it is a very specify question and potentially not related to ParrotOS but I was wondering if anyone have an idea of what could cause this non-communication between these 2 Parrot ?

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