No display only TTY (RTX 2080)

Briefly describe your issue below:

I used (Debian Standard) to install this on my pc.

Configured to multiboot with other systems? (yes) windows

I have an RTX 2080 with an i7 6700K cpu.
My pc dual boots perfectly no problems with mint and windows.
Now i removed mint and try parrot and it doesnt work at all.

I reinstalled it three times.
The login screen wont show can someone tell me how to install drivers on parrot os without desktop enviroment

Hi. We are very sorry for your problem. I think it is the issue of graphic driver.
P/s: i have to notice that our stable version is 4.6 and 4.7 is still beta. Maybe it is not the reason of your problem but i have to notice it.

I wonder how you got ParrotOS 4.7 because it’s in beta and we turned off the downloading links because latest beta image had problems with initramfs. Please wait a little bit for 4.7 release, or install ParrotOS 4.6.

i did sudo apt install nvidia-drivers

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