No EFI partition was found

Hello everyone, I need some help installing Parrot 0S 4.5.1 on a HP laptop 1 TB hhd Intel i5 and 6 GB ram 64-bit
I did a USB then I try by doing a DVD and ended up in the same spot once I do the partitions and hit finish it says: No EFI partition was found.
Now I know what is the problem but I do not know how to fix, I have no idea how to create a partition on the hard drive but I can find out, but the questions is: once I do the partition how do I install the system on that partition and once I do that how do I install the system on the entire disk and use full 1 TB of hard disk I just one parrot on my laptop. I will appreciate your help. thanks in advance!!!

Use Autopartituon
| Select Guided Entire Disk
| at manually Partition delete Partition & selct it for Auto Partition

But yed make Your Home is Saparate ,So in future You Won’t loss your data

Hello Amzker,
Thanks for the fast reply, I already did manual and also guided partition and both ended up the same when I hit finish partition NO EFI WAS FOUND

  1. Live boot
  2. Open Gparted
  3. Wipe Disk/Partition
  4. Create Partition ,
  5. Amd then Go for Install

Youre trying to install in UEFI mode, you must create EFI system boot partition. The partition should be the first on main disk. Make it somewhere between 300-800mb in size is more than enough. Then when you go to select the filesystem look down toward the bottom of the list and you will see EFI System Part. as option, select it and done. When you have your partition scheme the installer will do the rest.

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