No File Filter Found

Hello! I am new to Parrot and the community and want to thank everyone in advance for the assistance.

I downloaded Parrot SecurOS MATE from the Parrot website, and installed it on a USB pen drive using Universal USB Installer. When I booted to the USB to test the OS Live I received an error that read something in the effect of “Grub File Filter Not Found”

I am currently running a dual boot system with Windows 10 and Mint with a new unallocated space should I decide to install Parrot.

what method/tool did you use to burn Parrot? I ask this because etcher is most recommended in the docs over other tools.

I have also had great success using the dd command to burn to USB drive.

Other applications may cause boot problems.

Try to burn it

Excellent advice! I used Etcher and it worked. Now I have to install it on the unallocated partition and solve the problem of no wifi card (I had to do this in Mint as well.)

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did you wait for the universal usb installer to download the grub files when burning on the usb-stick ?

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