No internet while using android phone mobile data

The thing looks strange:
My laptop detects and connects to the android phone hotspot.
Yet, it works well only when the phone itself is connected to any WIFI (like the one I use at home)
If I wish to use android phone mobile data (instead of regular wifi), my computer is still connected to the phone hotspot, but it does not connect with the internet.
Thing is, I have no similar problem working on another laptop under debian…

Any suggestions more than welcome!

try using a wired tether or PDA+net (Google Play) or BT tether.
FoxPDA+net can be used for other things such as when your hotspot data is all gone this will fool the systems (phone and computer) into setting up a “hotspot” that doesn’t look like hotspot to the phone systems (IDK if it works on Macs) I use it to set up a Wireless LAN and use the mobile data instead of hotspot data. Not as fast but will allow an OK connection to the internet

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