"No IRQ Handler for Vector?

This isn’t so much as an issue as it is an annoyance. When I boot into Parrot OS I get this error for a split second that says “No IRQ Handler for Vector” I’ve researched it and its usually due to a hardware malfunction or lack of support for certain hardware. Nothing seems to be wrong with boot or post except that after signing in I have to move my mouse around to have my desktop show up after logging in. Pinpointng where this is coming from has proved difficult. I’ve tried to edit GRUB so that the message wont pop up but that hasn’t worked either. I think since i’m using an AMD cpu it could be lack of support for my current hardware or may not have stable drivers. However nothing seems to be wrong with anything other than that weird error. In the past I have used Ubuntu 16.04 where I had trouble with AMD video drivers, which I resolved by reinstalling xorg from shell. I have just recently upgraded from Parrot OS 3.9 to 4.1 and switched my laptops original hard drive with a Samsung SSD.

Here are my specs:
Toshiba Satelite C75D-B7304
AMD A6-6310 APU
16 GB of DDR3 ram
Samsung EVO 500GB SSD

Running Parrot OS 4.1 rolling release

Same Issue here. Toshiba Satelite. Samsung SSD.
Have you found any solutions?
I have had to re install my OS.

same problem
do_IQR: 0.55 NO irq handler for vector

last old
version 3.7 bast for amd processor