No Sound from built in speakers

I just recently changed my laptop over from windows to Parrot because i wanted more privacy and security as well as control over my OS, anyway, all went smooth and the installation seemed to go successfully until i started to try and watch YouTube and noticed that i didn’t have any audio i have tried a couple fixes but none have worked and i even completely reinstalled Parrot and i still had no audio so i am truly stuck, i am fairly new to Linux so please use simple terms thank you


Kernal Version:

When i run lspci -vnn | grep -iA4 audio i get this

This is what my sound hardware looks like

Hi. Have you already tried with the fn keys? Check what appears on the output tab.

If it is a consolation , I have the absolute same output on my new machine.
Most likely we will have to wait for a new kernel and see what happens.