No sound Parrot Home 4.5.1 VM

I’m running Parrot Home 4.5.1 ‘virtual appliance’ on VirtualBox on a Win 10 host. I downloaded the ‘virtual appliance’ and got it installed only to notice that I had no sound at all.

I installed pavucontrol and adjusted the mic volume which helped get the sound working however there was a sharp static click every second or so.

I then went to Pulseaudio website and followed these instructions:

Stuttering and audio interruptions

If a low-power machine stutters (audio breaks up), you can try adding the following to /etc/pulse/daemon.conf:

high-priority = no
nice-level = -1
realtime-scheduling = yes
realtime-priority = 5
flat-volumes = no
resample-method = speex-float-1
default-sample-rate = 48000

…Which helped with the static however now the static is coming in long wave every 5 seconds.

What can I do now??

Acer Predator Helios 300 16gb ram. It ain’t my computer! lol

I’m also experiencing this problem on ManjaroVM and Raspberry Pi 32bit since last updates. Those were working fine before the updates.

I’m just starting to play with Parrot and it’s a fresh install.

I started from scratch with an updated Virtualbox Version 6.0.4 r128413 with VM VirtualBox Extension Pack. As much resources that can be given.

4 cores
8gb memory
Video - 128mb 3d Accel on
Sound setting = Win Directsound ICH-AC97
Network = Bridged Adapter, Qualcom (or NAT, both work)
USB 1.0 works …2-3.0 fail to start

Sound problem is now much improved however I have noticed that sometimes Youtube vids the sound is not aligned properly and sometimes there is a slight stutter…sometimes not. Sometimes, it plays perfectly.

I have NOT upgraded the Parrot Installation since reinstall.
I also did a reinstall of Manjaro VM and sound is good on it.

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