No swap partition with encrypted LVM?

Hi guys,

I am struggling with encrpyted lvm setup - no swap partition will be created.
is that normal? thought you will have need for swap partition on linux systems?

4.5.1 security, usb install, gtk and text installer

attached a screenshot from “guided with encryped lvm”

so my questions are:
do I need a swap partition? if yes should I have a seperate LVM group for swap?
is it possible to add it manually after the guide encryped lvm setup?
or should I do it manually and what is the best way to do it?


Since Parrot 4.4 we havent had a swap partition, and as long as you have more than 3GB of ram, i doubt you would need one anyway.

If you are using an SSD is not really recommended to have a swap anyway. Also your swap doesnt even have to be a partition, it can just be a file. So yes, you could always add one later.

thanks mate - I missed the release notes.
will go for swap file after installation (btfrs does not support it right now) - think that should be fine

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