No Wireless Interface after Wifite --kill

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So I was having a play with Wifite, and at the top it said that some processes may be interfering with the operation. I followed the advice and used the --kill addon to the command.

It did it’s thing and then exited.

I started my computer this morning, and I have no wireless interface cards at all. Result of iwconfig

usb0 no wireless extensions.

lo no wireless extensions.

eth0 no wireless extensions.

Result of lspci | grep -i network
00:14.3 Network controller: Intel Corporation Wireless-AC 9560 [Jefferson Peak] (rev 10)

I’m guessing it’s been ‘killed’. How do I undo this? Do I need to reinstall the driver for the card? Seems pretty excessive. I assumed it would ‘unkill’ when Wifite quit.

I did run service network-manager restart but nothing changed.

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Latest, fully updated

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No errors, just no cards. No wlan0, wlan0mon or anything. Ethernet works fine.

This issue now seems solved.

I just booted it up and it’s working fine now. Not sure why, but it seems to have worked itself out.

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