No Zenmap - really?

I may be slated for being a “n00b” but I use Linux as a daily driver (Arch specifically).
I really like the Zenmap interface to deal with better than the terminal for nmap. The 3 panes, the plugin selector. The works.

So why is it not even an option to install on ParrotOS Sec? I’ve tried finding its source but apparently its an optional install when installing nmap. It doesn’t appear to be available to run when its installed so my only option at the moment is to uninstall nmap and reinstall from source nmap.

Is that really necessary or have I missed something? Does Parrot offer something else and I’m missing it?

That doesn’t say anything. Even you use a Centos server as your daily driver.

I only said it because I wanted to point out I know Linux. Enough so I can build it from the ground up.

Yes it’s definately the security distribution of Parrot. Its the only reason I wanted the OS - ofr its security packages and the fact and it can be a daily driver as a secondary thing.

Apologies for the late reply but after posting this I was finding it hard to get a stable connection to the forum. Its as reliable as balls. Which doesn’t bode well for the reliability of the distro as a whole. I may stick to my Arch distro with Blackarch repos.

Since this post I’ve re-run multiple times apt and apt-get update and upgrade. I’ve checked the apt sources and they’re parrot security sources. My version of Parrot definitely does not have Zenmap. It has multiple other security tools but not Zenmap.

I’ll give the distro another chance by installing it again as I’ve done little else besides a few package installations since I didn’t want to waste my time with a duffer of a distro.

If it still doesn’t work after a re-install I’ll give up on Parrot.

I’m surprised the maintainers were able to get the forum running like a normal forum again. It was impossible to even reply to this post until now. Can’t say I’m impressed so far. Forum being shite. Distro not having something as basic as Zenmap. Which for the record even Ubuntu & Debian have in their repos.

P.S. When I did choose a distro I chose “Parrot Security MATE ISO” via direct download.

If that makes any difference.

Also does anyone have an explanation for why the forum was so unreliable a few weeks back?

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