No Zenmap - really?

I may be slated for being a “n00b” but I use Linux as a daily driver (Arch specifically).
I really like the Zenmap interface to deal with better than the terminal for nmap. The 3 panes, the plugin selector. The works.

So why is it not even an option to install on ParrotOS Sec? I’ve tried finding its source but apparently its an optional install when installing nmap. It doesn’t appear to be available to run when its installed so my only option at the moment is to uninstall nmap and reinstall from source nmap.

Is that really necessary or have I missed something? Does Parrot offer something else and I’m missing it?

There is Zenmap
what are you talking about?
are you on home edition?
for looking the packages you can do apt search packageName
for zenmap
you can do
apt search zenmap and it shows the package
then you can install it with
sudo apt install zenmap

That doesn’t say anything. Even you use a Centos server as your daily driver.