Noob question


(Mike Saunders) #1

Hi I want to install onto a Vbox which versions should I choose as a new user


(dmknght) #2

If you are asking:

  • You are using windows
  • You want to install Parrot OS in virtual environment
  • You will install Parrot OS inside virutalbox
    So I think latest version of virtualbox is good enough.

(Matt) #3

The OVA image we provide will be the easiest method

How to use it

(Mike Saunders) #4

Thanks I meant what version of Parrot home or security

Live/Instaler ot Virtual Appliance



if you aren’t sure if Parrot Linux is for you I would check our documentation. It depends on your needs but as a noob I would start with an OVA image and load it into virtualbox and check out the system. I’d take a snapshot and then use it and if you break the system to the point of no return you can simple reload the snapshot and start over :slight_smile: you can also install any of the tools if you want to check them out or begin developing software with our metapackages.