Not able to install Zoom App

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I’m running Parrot Security OS, version 4.8 I’m running it alongside the Windows 10.

I’m trying to install Zoom App for my online classes. It’s available in this official website: . I’m trying to istall the it for the Debian version of Linux.

Everytime I try to install it, during the download of additional files, it’s getting crashed with the following error message.

Screenshot at 2020-04-01 16-06-56

Here, I’m attaching the screenshot of the error message. I also tried doing apk-update by usinf the following command

apt-get update

It didn’t help! I couldn’t find the solution for this in any other web pages. Kindly help me :slight_smile:

Chaaru Manjuraj

Well due to use of apt-get, packages are being broken. So, try using apt update applicationName once

Please check this

well, it’s not recommended to use Zoom due to the recent discover of some… privacy issues.

I have same problem, but when I click “Details” it is said that this package is failed to install:

copy that URL and paste it to the browser…
download the file, install it manually then install zoom…

hope that helpful…

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Download Zoom for Ubuntu. It got installed with no errors for me.

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