Nouveau.modset=0 permanent?

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hi, i am new to this forum so i don’t really know how to make this post.

anyway, i have been trying to get parrotOS to run live from my usb drive, i noticed that it told me “softlock, cpu#0 stuck at 22s!” so i did some digging and saw a youtube video telling me to put the line "nouveau.modset=0 as a new parameter when starting up linux.

is there any way to make that parameter permanent in live mode?

What version of Parrot are you running?

i am using parrot security 4.6 arm4

What method did you use to install Parrot?

i did not try nor want to install parrot, i just want to test parrotOS but i am unable to due to nouveau drivers (i think?)

Configured to multiboot with other systems?


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nope, sorry

Any hardware specs?

The only reason I ask is that you’re using what I assume is the arm64 variant which is for… ARM.

There are arm processors that have Nvidia chipsets… But they’re going to be very application specific: Tegra, Shield with Tegra or T/X1, Jetson with K/X1.

The Tegra and Shield (all variants), you’ll have to recompile kernels from their Android counterparts. Not the most difficult task on Earth, but time consuming if you’re just looking to test it out.

If you have a Jetson board or Dev kit, you can either peel the driver from their Ubuntu version or MAYBE add their repo and install only the cuda drivers then mark out the repo in /etc/apt/sources.list

If you have an ARM device with an Nvidia chipsets that is… Otherwise you might be chasing the wrong dragon or you have the incorrect release of Parrot for your hardware.


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