NTp not supported

Time Synchronization

In parrot 5.6.0-2 i am unable to set time automatically sync with ntp


Time is only relative!
Just a thought, but if installed first thing I do is remove ntp and set default timezone to UTC. Started to do this after following hardening advice in Whonix. Never causes a problem. If I need to know the time I use a watch or just add or subtract from UTC in my head.

Agreed… NTP is an attack surface as well…
unless of course you are wanting it TO exploit it, other than exploiting it, i find it pretty useless.
defaulting to UTC has not caused me any problems.
RE: time being relative
If timespace is in fact curved, then doesn’t it stand to reason that the absolute furthest point that you can travel to in any direction, is exactly where you are? @_@