nvidia-driver fails to load in Linux Kernal 5.14


I was wondering if a new or patched version of the NVIDIA driver will be added to the Parrot repo?

I recently updated my machine to 5.14.0-2parrot1-amd64, Parrot version 4.11 MATE Home and the Nvidia Driver 460.91.03-1 fails to load on startup, leaving the machine with “unknown” monitors and a broken resolution. The driver was working flawlessly in 5.10.0-8parrot1-amd64.

I have done some research online, and I found some forum posts about this on some other distro forums. It seems NVIDIA has released a new update addressing this 470.74.

Am I alone in this issue or is this a known bug?

Been searching the internet for a fix for a few hours but outside of manually installing the driver from the website, I am not sure what to do.

I am happy to provide a log but I am not sure which log I would need to check.

Have you checked our procedure for installing NVIDIA Drivers?

Hello tissy, thanks for replying

Yes I have read the doc. Just to make sure, I have completely removed the nvidia driver from my machine and then re-installed from the parrot repository exactly as instructed in the doc.

It still fails to load on Kernal 5.14 but works perfectly on 5.10.

I get the error, failed to load Kernal modules when booting into 5.14 Parrot and nvidia-smi returns “unable to communicate with the NVIDIA driver. Please ensure the latest driver is installed on your system”

There is another post on here from someone who is experiencing the identical problem to me but with AMD drivers

Any ideas? Could it be the Kernal Update failed, or maybe the non-free graphics drivers provided by the repo need updating?

I am yet to try installing the website version from NVIDIA through .run file, however I would prefer to use a package as its easier to maintain.

I have had to boot to Kernel Linux 5.10.0-8parrot1-amd64 to respond to this post.

Thanks in advance. Below are a couple of screenshots from my update log.

  1. The uploading of newer version of the NVDIA driver doesn’t depend on our devs but it’s all about when debian uploads new packages.
  2. Seems that the kernel misses something. Did the update go steady without errors? Have you installed the kernel headers for the 5.14.0-2parrot1-amd64 kernel?

same here, also nouveau is not really working. just one screen is find.
graficcard: gt710 (really old hardware)
donwloaded latest version of parrot sec and reinstall /boot and /root (3 times) to use my PC normally
another problem of the latest .iso: libre ist just running with sudo-rights, what happened?
i really love parrot (sec) OS and i dont want to change
please help
thanks for your work

Hello tissy,

To answer your question, yes I have installed the kernal headers for 5.14.0-2parrot1-amd64.

I did some testing today and found that the dependency package nvidia-kernal-dkms fails to make its module for 5.14 but succeeds for 5.10. It may be that this package requires an update from the package maintainer.

I will report this problem to the nvidia-driver debian package maintainers. I had forgotten to check the maintainer so I assumed it was the parrot team, my mistake.

nullplan, if you are struggling to use your machine to fix the problem because of the broken display resolution, boot into the old kernal temporarily using advanced boot options in grub.

If anyone finds a fix for this before an update, please reply. If a dev wishes to make a parrot team package for the nvidia-driver that would be awesome, but I understand that this would be a waste of time if an update is pushed soon for the debian package.

I found a post from the 28th on the NVIDIA forums about this so hopefully a fix is pushed soon through packages. Even has the same make.log

nvidia-driver for RTX 3060TI is broken as well. Look like kernel 5.14 changed something

I technically “fixed” the problem. My method is to install Nvidia driver download from Nvidia’s homepage. To do it, i have to:

  1. Completely remove nvidia driver packages from Debian side
  2. Go to TTY, disable lightdm and run installation
  3. After reboot, it showed error Nouveau. So in boot menu, grub has no nouveau option. Select it should be fine. here i am with that option. I’m trying to completely remove Nouveau driver to see if it is good

p/s: I don’t recommend everybody try this method. Especially Driver for Laptop. I’m using PC so the effect could be totally different
p/s2: This tutorial works for disabling nouveau https://askubuntu.com/a/951892

It’s got NOTHING to do with vendor specific firmware.

The same issue here with amdgpu, read of other users with laptop cards having the exact same issue. I think its something to do with pcie firmware incompatibility with new kernel.

Big Problem

So nouveau is whats jamming up the works for --all?

Will try and post back. AMD pcie card firmware errors out, no monitor detection, persistent issue across all hardware.

Nouveau off in grub2 does not fix amd cards and the rest of the hardware-verse.

Tried reinstall of all drivers, mesa drivers, just about every damn package I could try.

The struggle is real, kernel life.

I have been checking forums and yes I agree its a widespread problem across all graphics cards integrated, dedicated, old and new.

A friend of mine with an AMD integrated graphics laptop has had the same problem as well.

This certainly needs looking at.

Did you try to read my ALL text or just the last line or something?

Thanks for the recommendation dmknght.

I already have nouveau fully blacklisted, so hopefully installing the latest NVIDIA driver from their website should fix my display issues.

I was hoping a fix from the debian package would come through, but nothing yet.

I have linked another post below of someone with the same issue. A comment on there mentions that a fix hasn’t been pushed to the testing package yet, might be helpful to someone.


it’ll take a while. Updating a package is not so easy.

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