Nvidia driver

Hi. I have one problem with install Nvidia driver.
I have the newest Parrot Os.
I have hp omen ce010nw (geforce 1050 ti)

In all distros installed before on this laptop I had to set nouveau.modeset=0 in grub file (no acpi) because it can’t boot.

So, when I decided to install parrot(btw, excellent work, greetings for devs) I think to disable nouveau, and install Nvidia drivers, but It doesn’t work.
I tried everything from reddit, stack, youtube, google etc.
Can you give me an idea how to make this, I really need Nvidia graphics.
Kali,parrot,debian,ubuntu docs/forum didn’t have solution for my problem.

Run Parrot on Disable Nouveau option at your grub screen.
Anyway, if you ever get the os working (which you only will without the Nvidia Graphics) , just make sure to install bumblebee. (see Bumblebee docs for more info)

For my HP Omen 15, the Nvidia 1050Ti got working after just running sudo apt-get install bumblebee and then subsequently restarting the system.

Could you write step by step what to do? //Maybe I do something wrong.
Because when I install nvidia-driver and bumblebee, it doesn’t work for me.

I test also this - https://www.linuxbabe.com/debian/install-nvidia-driver-debian-9-stretch

Hi, have you checked on parrot website the docs about installing the gpu drivers ? Anyway here is the link you should follow :


What exactly is not working ? Does the system boot at all ? Are you experiencing freezing ? Maybe if you cant boot with bumblebee you should put in the grub file: acpi_rev_override=1

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