nvidia x server

السلام عليكم … انا نصبت كارت الشاشة nvidia
بس مش عارف اصلح الresolution
وحتى مش عارف افتح برنامج nvidia x server settings
ممكن اعرف ايه الحل للمشكلة دي

و عليكم السلام انا جمعت ليك كذا حل شوفهم
1-Nvidia Troubles
2-My problem with cuda/nvidia-driver
3-Nvidia drivers install
4- I found solutions to my problems, X11 errors were about hostnames changes, as for my nvidia drivers, downloading and installing from official site and using “clinfo” at each boot to recognise my graphic card is ok.

for thoses with the same problem, clinfo is available in repository. no bumblebee or anything required it does not work yet anyway because of broken dependencies.
5-Problems Nvidia drivers

مع العلم لازم تنزل صوره او فيدوا لتوضيح المشكله اكتر