Odd stopgap fix to persistently wrong time

I’m running 4.11 around 5.10.0-6parrot1-amd64 on a shite old Gateway laptop, dual-booting with Win 10 using GRUB. Windows has never had any issue setting and keeping the correct time, but Parrot has consistently erroneously re-set my clock to be several hours earlier than the actual time. I had sort of learned to live with it, and I keep Fuzzy Clock in my task bar instead of the usual one, so obviously my lifestyle allows for a fairly lax attitude towards this sort of thing.

I recently woke up on the far side of the country, and my EST/EDT timezone changed to PST/PDT. Naturally, this made me even more laid back about what time it was in The Suit World (haircut o’clock, usually), but as I worked my way through setting my various timepieces to match my new locale, I decided to take another stab at Parrot’s.

Obviously, it stayed wrong, just adjusted by 3 hours. But realizing that it had been closer to correct before my adustment, I took a look at what exactly my offset was from UTC and realized that it was exactly the same number of hours as my clock was wrong. I decided I had much more to gain from correct timestamps and an accurate clock than I did from declaring my actual geographic region, I figured why the hell not just set it to UTC? But, in case a human ever needed to review the region information and make actual sense of it, I decided I didn’t want to actually set it to Greenwich or the like. I would use Antarctica.

I looked up the matching Antarctica timezone name for timedatectl, and lo and behold… setting ‘Antarctica/Troll’ as a timezone finally fixed my clock.

I am pretty sure no individual can be blamed for that, but wherever the hell the bug actually is… I’m pretty sure the universe just winked at me.

Real fixes welcome, but if you’re fresh off the boot and have a similar headache, feel free to jam this into your electrics and see what happens:
sudo timedatectl set-timezone Antarctica/Troll

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