Only background after parrot USB install

I’m running Parrot OS 4.4 64 bit. I installed it through the Debian standard. It’s the only OS running on the computer.
When I boot the OS, I get to the login screen and I’m able to login normally, but after that only the background comes up.
I’ve pressed crtl alt f2 to get to tty and did sudo lightdm service start to get GUI running properly but without success. When I try to exit tty to see if any changes were made by pressing crtl alt f7, the laptop crashes and I have to force it to shut down.
I can’t get into failsafe graphics for AMD without the USB install disk, but I have it so I’m guessing I can work my way around it with that with a little help because I’m new to Linux.
Thanks everyone

Hello. Maybe there’s something mixed up with ACPI tables. I also got many problems with linux (ubuntu won’t even boot at all).

So what can let you boot:

  1. Turn on your pc.
  2. Select ParrotOs in grub, press E to look boot script.
  3. Find the a row starting with linux and append that row with acpi=off
  4. Boot by pressing Ctrl+X.
  5. Find and install missing drivers.

If that didn’t work out, you may do the same but instead of acpi=off try nouveau.modeset=0 nomodeset