Openvas-scanner 21.4.3


I use Openvas for scheduled Vulnerability scanning at my machines.
It Complains in the reports that the scann engine is out of date.
When checking with apt list -a openvas-scanner there is no newer Package available.
Is there a reason for why there is no newer scanner?
Or is there a Problem on my end with the installation?

I use Parrot 5.0 in the Security version.

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It’s already installed

Yes but in version 21.4.1 not version 21.4.3.
Is there a reason for that? Or is the release of a new Package planned?
I get only that version for the parrot repos. Is there Something wrong with my installation?

So even if Kali (you seem to use their Package) allready has version 21.4.3 you still do not have it?

apt list -a openvas-scanner
Auflistung… Fertig
openvas-scanner/rolling 21.4.1-0kali1 amd64

openvas-scanner/rolling 21.4.1-0kali1 i386

Since 21.4.1 is the June release the 21.4.3 the October release.
So this Distro runs a 6 month old Security Scanner?
Is this Wanted?

@dmknght might know.