openvpn 2.5.1-1 - cannot pre-load keyfile -

Hello everyone,

I am new to Parrot OS but I shall try and provide as much detail as possible. I am running Parrot 4.11 with a duel boot of Windows 10.

I am trying to use openvpn and supply a config file in order to connect to a lab environment for some training (pentester academy). The commands I have used thus far are:

sudo openvpn --config <location of .ovpn file>
The error I get back in response is:
Cannot pre-load keyfile (BasicLab17-TCP4-443-student-tls.key)
Exiting due to fatal error

I have contacted the training provider for assistance but they are only advising on steps that I have already taken.

  1. Install openvpn and rdesktop on the machine using following command:
    sudo apt-get install openvpn –y
    sudo apt-get install rdesktop
  2. Go ahead and connect to the VPN server using openvpn config files. Extract the VPN config
    archive that you got and use it with the below command:
    sudo openvpn --config .ovpn

Appreciate any pointers if you have experienced or seen a similar issue in the past.

All the best, David.

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