OS for Android phone


(Niccolo Machiavelli) #1

Hey guys I m new in here and i wonder is there any OS for Phone i mean more secure and more privacy (my phone is samsung C5)
Thanks for answers


moving to random, this has nothing to do with Parrot Linux.

To answer your question I would check XDA developers they have a lot of custom roms and probably something for you.

You could also buy a whole new phone with purism and their librem 5

(Matt) #3

I have LineageOS on a few phones, its all opensource and uses open source apps. It also has a privacy guard, letting you restrict permissions for apps.

(Niccolo Machiavelli) #4

I checked and really look good.But does not support my model. 'cos of it’s cheap one :smiley:
Librems products really look good but a litte expensive (has switch killer for wifi-blueetooth also mic/camera)
Thanks for answers


yea I have a librem laptop, they’re not terrible but they’re no system76. On close inspection you can see small assembling errors made. They also tend to be slow with their deliveries, but that’s not a major flaw imo so long as they communicate effectively.