os hang

when i start several programs or services or applications in my hp4540s(configurations ram:2gb,processor intel core i5 laptop with the os parrot latest version like parrot home, my os stucked.after i have done some experiment i have found that when different instructions work instantly os stucked or hanged on.But i dont know how to fix up the issue.

Same issue when I start an electron application. It beginns to flicker and when I wait 5 seconds the system hang, I think it happens 1 time of 10. Its very rare but I saw how the system hang for 10 seconds when I opened a new Tab in Firefox.

2gb ram … really?
You have swap file/partition ?

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Good Ol’ Days when practically 2GB was equivalent to 32GB :laughing::smile:


I think 2gb ram is not enough for applications. Firefox quatumn can takes 300 - 400 Mb RAM with 1 or 2 tabs. Please notice that Parrot is 64 bit version so it takes more RAM than 32 bit architecture.


My Firefox with bunch of addons & 2-3 tabs open in firejail itself uses upto 1.5-2.0GB. I’d suggest you to use MATE or LXDE or XFCE rather than KDE or cinnamon desktops. Also, To be real with you, 2GB is probably not enough to run all the tools that parrot has alongside. For instance burpsuite when in full attack consumes a lot of resources. You atleast need 8gigs of DDR4 ram to run Parrot smoothly along side with pentesting tools :wink:


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