Packet Tracer Issues

hello i’m using parrot 5.6.0.
i’m using parrot as my primary os.
i don’t have any issues regarding to os. but my problem is, i’m trying to install packet tracer 7.3 in my pc, but it was not installing. it was showing some error in dependencies , even if i tried to install one dependency it asks another dependency to run that dependency. from last 3 days i tried lot of things. i asked in cisco community also, but their answers also didn’t worked.
i’ll be thankful if anyone help me.

have you tried to manually download the dependencies and install it?

ya bro. i did that too…
first it asked me to download libdouble-conversion1, and i did that.
after that it asked me to install qt-at-spi. when i tried to install this , it asked me to install libdbus4…
it continuously asking one after another to support the other dependencies.

hi everyone
i’m using parrot sec 5.6.
i had a problem with packet tracer 7.2. after installing packet tracer i type ''packettracer" in terminal, it displaying “starting packet tracer 7.2”. but it wasn’t.
can anyone help me out

Packet Tracer for Linux doesn’t work at all (my experience) unless installed under W.I.N.E. (or so I’ve heard). There’s an issue with the pkg In any case it doesn’t really matter because it’s proprietary software so we couldn’t decompile/recompile it to fix any of it anyway.

It has some problem(s) that only Cisco can fix. There’s a longer thread on this forum, you should search it out. So really long story short trying to run/install it natively on Linux is just not feasible right now (atleast on Debian based systems, I can’t say whether the RHEL family of distros does any better). If you don’t have access to a Windows system your realistic options are install it under WINE and I believe you can probably find a youtube video or guide on this. Or if you machine has enough storage space and powerful enough hardware I imagine you could install PT7 to a Windows virtual machine but beware of the overhead(slowness).

what about the packet tracer 7.3 ? when i used to install it, it asking me so many dependencies, if i install one, it asks another dependency to support that dependency. how can we get rid of those dependency errors ?
don’t say that by installing that dependencies, :smile: i’m tired of trying to fix …

Sorry but the way to fix dependency issues if they’re resolvable is to install all the required dependencies, but as I already said PT7(any release) simply doesn’t work natively on current Debian systems despite any Cisco claims to the contrary. Maybe Ubuntu 18 LTS…or is was 19…??..or whichever version it’s supposedly validated and tested against or a RHEL-type distro but you won’t get it working on Parrot using the standard install method. I have only heard of success with WINE or VM.

what about
sudo apt install -f