Palm Rejection possible on Parrot?

Just a question
Is Palm rejection possible on Parrot OS?
Is there a discord channel Parrot OS discussions?

you can try the solution here and hopefully report back and we will know if it is compatible!

I tried “Disable Trackpad while Typing” it is a little better than before.


First, you want to find your touch pad driver. You can do so by typing under terminal:


There you will receive a list of drivers. Under list Virtual core pointer, look for keyword TouchPad. That variable will be the {id} e.g. mine is “SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad”.

Next go to Startup Applications Preferences, select “Add”, you can put whatever for the name, I used “Palm Detection”, and for the cmd you want to put:

xinput set-prop "{id}" "Synaptics Palm Detection" 1

Also, add another one to set the dimensions. Call it “Palm Dimensions” (you can replace the value as you wish, you might want to play with the value to get the best experience):

xinput set-prop "{id}" "Synaptics Palm Dimensions" 3, 3

Now you can reboot your laptop and good luck :slight_smile:

P.S. I think the correct touch pad id to use is the one starting with ETPS/2. If not you can just try both and hopefully that will work.

you tried this solution?

When I type xinput, I get command not found.
I am sorry, fairly new to debian here. I like it a lot, would like to learn more and be better at this.

I also tried xinput list.

youre going to have to research the touch drivers for your hardware, I dont use any of that with parrot so I unfortunately cannot shed more light, I would search synaptic for the input driver and make sure to read the documentation otherwise it wont be configured correctly.