I am not able to install the drivers from -|%20Panda%20Wireless.html

I followed the steps mentioned in the user manual -

In the user manual step 4
" 4) Compile the driver for the Panda Wireless N adapter$> tar jxvf LinuxDriver4Fedora_v2.5.0.3.tar.bz2
$> make
You will find rt3070sta.ko in /tftpboot directory "

The file rt3070sta.ko is not formed in /tftpboot directory and I am not able to proceed further. (Also the $>make command is giving me an error : make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.)

I am currently running the latest version of parrot OS on VirtualBox 6.

Panda is just a manufacturer that builds cards using the chip. So you don’t have to worry too much about getting the exact one they supplied you with to work. You can find other sources for the driver.

Assuming you have the right driver, it would look like you have the rt3070 chip (based on driver name you have). This is the important information. They use multiple chips so be sure you have identified the right one before trying to install it.

You can identify the card after plugging it in and using command:

lspci|grep -i Net

Please reply with output from that command.

I used the command that you mentioned.
I have connected the adapted to my Parrot OS Virtual Machine but it seems like it is not detecting the wifi adapter. I am getting the following output -
00:03.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82540EM Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 02)

My Panda PAU06 is not mentioned and this is my inbuilt LAN card i think.
Please guide me.

Didn’t know it was a usb card. Are you sure it takes rt3070? Many times when you buy a wifi card it will supply a copy of driver for each model but not all will work with your card.

try this:

#1 first hook wifi card into USB

#2 reboot

#3 after those steps in order, run this command and reply with the output:


I want to make sure we get the right up to date/functional driver for you… I have seen people using rt2800 (same driver as one of my usb cards) for PAU06.

Please paste the output after following those steps in exact order. Let’s go from there.

and welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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I had some trouble getting the Panda Pau05 and Pau06 wireless adapters to work as well. Both of these use the RT2800 driver which is actually already installed and active. However they didn’t work due to a known Debian bug related to MAC address randomization.

I was able to get both Panda USB wireless adapters working by turning MAC address randomization off:

sudo nano /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf

Add fhe following to this conf file:


Save and restart the network manager with:

sudo service network-manager restart

This got both the Pau05 and Pau06 wireless adapters working for me. I hope this helps!

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Hi! I tried applying that fix but strangely I’m still facing issues. My adapter is able to go in monitor mode but I am not able to detect any networks.
On using the command : aireplay-ng --test wlan0mon
I’m getting :
19:55:26 Trying broadcast probe requests…
19:55:28 No Answer…
19:55:28 Found 0 APs
It’s not able to detect any access points. :frowning:
Kindly help me.

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