panel spanning multiple monitors

Having an issue with dual monitors - the monitors work fine but I think Parrot (or XFCE) is having an issue with window manager settings maybe - not sure what app is handling things. When running dual monitors - where the bottom and top panels lands gets wonky. If you set the Right display as primary, the software seems to ignore things and physically puts primary on the left (even though its ticked right in the settings). So to work around you can force the panels and icons to be on the right display and this seems to work fine as a work around, until you move an application to the left window with no panels. Then it (I dont know what its called - so ill call it the reference tab on the bottom panel) dissappears - like it expects the reference tab should be on the bottom panel in the monitor its in (not the primary). So I go to the preferences and there is a Span Monitors option for the bottom panel, but the system will not let me check it.

This is not a big deal - mearly an annoyance that once your aware of it can be worked around - but when using multiple windows and monitors it can get to be troublesome quickly.

  • ParrotOS (no ISO installed):
    ParrotOS 5.0 LTS

So sorry to trouble - this was easily resolved - I started to add a third panel (one top, one bottom and one for the second monitor) when I found a setting for the Windows Buttons app (apparently that is whats putting the window tabs down there) and there was a check box to display for all monitors. That resolved my issue. Still think XFCE or what ever is working the displays is a bit wonkey for dual monitors setup, selecting primary should place the panels on the appropriate monitor and display Window Buttons for all monitors. Thanks again for a great OS and all your work!

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