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(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #62

the bug was fixed weeks ago

dist-upgrade the system and run sudo msfdb reinit

(dmknght) #63

i am having 2 wireshark, 4 firefox, 4 qbit-torrent, 2 steam after-processes. They should use 20 MB ram totally. However, my machine is losing 1GB ram. I don’t know how to explain it but it is using more 1GB RAM than normally but it is no other background process. I am thinking firejail does not clear stuff. Anyway i will test more and make sure this problem is firejail problem.


It’s a lot of RAM wasted… I tried with burp wireshark and others, i did not encounter that problem so i can’t help you on this

(dmknght) #65

I had similar stuff before. Processes showed (in process monitor) they use tiny memory, but after killing them, my system had huge memory space.
Anyway I hope dev team can add cutter to reversing tool package. cutter is a GUI interface for radare2.


I would like Cutter too, but the devs need people to maintain tools if they are to install directly from github, they prefer to stick with the repository. While someone decide to bring it on Kali/Debian repos, you can use “PTF” from TrustedSec, and make it so that it download the latest Cutter binary release every time you run it.

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I just installed Opera browser on my Parrot. Opera was pretty fast AF, faster than Firefox 10 times. Adding Opera to repo can be a good idea, i think :smile:
Anyway firejail rule for evince document reader makes this application can not open any file in /home/. I know i can use evince without profile but i think edit profile would be better for all users.


Is there any way to make debdelta work on parrot as in debian ?
delta updates are so helpfull

(Nur Mahar Aji) #69

please help me, this is why windows partition can not create folder


No, in my case everytime when i reboot/ turn on… bluetooth enabled! :slightly_frowning_face:


After i faced a error in qbittoreent… which i mentioned on another post (i/o error: read only file system).
I thought may be running as root may fix that problem. but root user have some problems i think.

  • my wifi connection automatically disconnected when i use internet.

  • Audio driver didn’t detect my headphone. (which detect it in home user)

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #72

hi, the problem does not depend on the user and it is the wrong thread

this topic is about the development of parrot 3.11, which has been released many weeks ago

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