Parrot 3.11 released

We are proud to announce the release of Parrot 3.11

Download the new version of the system from

Read the release notes from:

feel free to give us your feedback in this topic :slight_smile:

we want to use this topic to collect your feedback and answer general questions.
if you encountered a problem and you need help to fix it, open a dedicated topic in the support section.


It’s the most stable so far, and i noticed my laptop is less noisy, i don’t have anymore the applications running slow on top of others applicationsin same workspace. It’s really faster.

But can you tell us why Atom has been removed ? i used it a lot to learn programming, it’s very intuitive. And i can install it myself, but when reinstalling, the less we have to download after install the better.

atom is there in parrot security, you were probably using parrot home, which has never included atom so far

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Everything is awesome. Firejail rules are great. I am feeling very comfortable while using it. However virtualbox host-only adapter is still disabled by firejail. I am wondering is there anyway to enable it (still searching on google).

you can disable firejail for virtualbox or tune the firejail configuration making it less restrictive

3.11 is the best distro ever,
thanks to you palinuro, i now have a encrypted usb too :smiley:
ill add a step by step guide shortly

My bad, it seems Atom was missing in the beta netinstaller of 3.11, after installing the official stable release though, Atom is present. Everything is fine

Why are system fonts changed from Sans Regular to Cantarell? And they are bigger. Now is Mate Terminal really big so I have to shrink it in profile preferences…It happened after latest update from a few days…

why don’t you try system -> preferences -> look and feel
you can customize your font as you want.

Wow I really want to try out the Parrot Studio It’s seems very cool !

Keep up the good work !

I am begineer in Parrot Sec and its hacking abilities.
So far so good.

My only concern is Bluetooth is always enabled everytime i boot the PC. Same concern with my previous Ubuntu. Is it the way it should in Linux Os?


system/preferences/personal/startup applications then deselect Blueman Applet

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is the bluetooth visible by the surrounding devices? (i.e. your phone)

do you see any network traffic on the bluetooth interface with wireshark?

In a word: FABULOUS!

A FABULOUS, ASTOUNDING piece of Italian ingenuity and creativity!

After successfully (and happily) tinkering with it for a couple of years in a VM, now I’m trying this new release in a multiboot USB, in the “persistence” mode: and - SURPRISE! - it works “off-the-peg”, as opposed to KALI (ahem… :flushed: :smirk: :blush: ), where I’ve had to make some quite “heavy” tinkering after putting KALI on a USB pen, in order to have the “persistence” mode actually enabled and working: which, in my humble opinion, is a little “cheesy” for an altogether very professional pentesting distro.

Once more, then: BRAVI!! Great job!! (and best wishes :sunglasses: :blush: )


If you still want to use Blueman but start the system with Bluetooth disabled than after startup right click on the icon, choose Plugins -> PowerManager -> Configuration and clear the Auto power-on checkbox.
After that turn off bluetooth and next time when you start Parrot the bluetooth icon will be grayed out.

That is exactly the problem -I can’t. After latest updates default fonts are changed and this cause problem to mate-terminal. It stretch or write one font over another…Screenshot%20at%202018-02-11%2021-48-26

I didn’t have any problem like this…
I’m using default font in 3.11… I didn’t change it (cuz i like this font).
so try this configuration. may be this could fix your problem

I didn’t have problem with sans either.

I need Parrot to update Mate to 1.20 so we can get HiDPI going.

yeah - fugly…But otherwise excellent release! Please change the default font back (if possible :sunglasses:) …Unless of course it was not an accident and by design - in which case I would be curious to know reasoning behind that decision …