Parrot 4.0 beta testers

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Unsure if this is an intended or unintended function or not, but the option to “send a message” to a user on the lock screen triggers the screensaver immediately upon clicking “save” and sending the message. I have attached a video illustrating the issue.


i just put Parrot-security-4.0-beta_amd64 onto my usb drive, created the persistent partition with fdisk now its encrypted with luks and im really impressed with 4.0

i will edit my post with updates but so far so good

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does your I2P also disapere from Anonsurf when you do the update and upgrade

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The I2P support was removed by @palinuro from 4.0 release. Check this:


Im getting this error when upgrade the system:

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it is a warning, not an error

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thanks for answer me


4.0 beta won’t load in latest Virtualbox 5.2.12 r122591 (Qt5.6.1), live or install, allocated memory = 2700MB, standard settings, running on Linux Mint 18.3. Repeated ‘Stopped’, ‘Starting’, ‘Started’ ‘Light Display Manager’ before final ‘Failed to start Light Display Manager’ (Same problem with Security 3.11 after dist-upgrade including 4.16.0 kernel update.) Works in Gnome-boxes (as does 3.11)

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My first post. my physical desktop Parrot 4.0 no problem.
I have multiple Parrot kvm vm’s and they wont boot properly with 4.0 beta
On one of them I enter in terminal messed with ICEauthority and then could boot still with error.
Then I tried another kvm vm and enter grub menu and boot 4.15.0-parrot17-amd64
No problem with 4.15 kernel.


btw bug with panel still exist - when you do something e.g. adding multiple iteams mate-settings-daemon and/or pannel-settings heavy crash and load system. but its not a parrot problem - in pure debian same shit i test twice. so its a mate desktop bug 100%.

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@WarTech @coyik can you report mate desktop bug to mate developers.

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Live Mode not start properly as per below screenshot,
“VirtualBox5.2.8”, “Qt5.9.2” on “Linux parrot 4.16.0-parrot5-amd64 #1 SMP Parrot 4.16.5-1parrot5 (2018-05-03) x86_64 GNU/Linux”

With This Configuration ->

and i think it is because virtual guest utils service and light display manager not started as below screenshots

then it stuck here with another error on openvas-manager

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and working fine with Virtual Machine Manager Powered by libvirt, so i think that the issue is with verion 5 of VirtualBox !!

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Parrotsec 4.0.1 released


you think that report surprise them all? they knew about that shit sins MATE upgraded to gtk3 :smiley:

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I got the same as @MohamedSalama

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I installed parrot 4.1 from scratch. Previously the screen-saver use to work when I locked the computer. Now, the computer locks but the screen-saver is not shown. Any idea, how I could resolver this issue? Thanks in advance!

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wrong topic, you have to report it with a new topic in the proper section

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