Parrot 4.0 development discussions

(DarkLord) #22

I think Parrot Security needs to elaborate the use of its tools because there is no such community or discussion where tools are explained… Parrot has lot more tools than any penTesting Distro but on google the search results always show up for kali linux tools as they have explained it in a great way.

So with further development of the OS this should also be considered to be integral part of it.

i am myself thinking of writing the discriptions and explaining the tools

(Owen Watkins) #23

Do we have a list of the categories that need write ups for the new documentation? I feel like there should be a full write up of the tool, and might be nice to have wright ups for setting up a lab, and external training sources since these questions get asked anyways. I’d be more than happy to assist with any portion for documentation.

(Archangel) #24

If I’m running the current distro, installed on my machine, how can I pull the beta once it’s out?

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #25

please stop doing random discussions on this topic, i opened it to allow developers to discuss on actual changes to do, it is neither a “what would you like to see in the next version” topic nor a “please report the bugs you want to be fixed in the next release” one

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #26

i was not able to provide a preview for today, so the first experimental build will be released in the next days

no special modifications will be provided by now

it will only contain all the cumulative updates released since the last release

(517hum 54nd33p4) #27

6 days gone , no sound about beta version so what’s happening? everything is ok @palinuro?


OK, so what is the proper thread/topic to suggest user-comfort enhancements to the ongoing evolution of new distro versions? Users go with (and contribute to) those systems that serve their needs best. By the way, please feel free to move this post to that thread where you believe it is most appropriate.

Secondly, I feel the issue of whether there should even be an upgraded distro release is germane to this topic. Please know that in a Live Installation, Encrypted Persistence environment, users always appreciate a new, cogently-upgraded distro version, which is performance, security and bug tested (for obvious reasons). <<-- We are the stealth warriors of speaking truth to power, and of human and civil rights campaigns globally. Please support us.

Tails issues a new, upgraded version every 2-3 months, or when major third-party components are upgraded externally, e.g., the Tor Browser. Tails runs rock-solid in a virt-manager VM within Parrot 3.11. Running Parrot 3.11 in the same VM setup, when you have to continuously patch-in select upgraded packages in both your host machine and your VM machine, not so much. Regardless, I like to run both in the same Tor-protected, MAC-address-hidden, Parrot host. Web-based, page-embedded videos play much better in a 3.11 VM than in Tails.

So, why not just use Tails alone? Because you’re stuck with all the current distro version’s flaws and security holes until the next one is released. Conversely, Parrot, I assume, updates on the fly everytime you run “sudo apt update”. Why not get the best of both worlds?

Users don’t want a masters degree in whether and how to use Gdebi, GTK, APT or Synaptic, for which kind of upgrade, in order to get the best result, while still maintaining robust system stability and security. We want “one and done”.

Cogently-upgraded distro versions are typically more secure than when every user randomly patches in upgradable packages, which results in myriad customizations, all of which have their individual quirks, thus spawning more varied, individualized calls for technical support. And trying to figure out what to upgrade out of the present 900+ upgradable packages for ver. 3.11, in the above-described operating environment, presents daunting technical and logistical challenges to us average, non-geek users. Just sayin’.

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #29

we have a meeting scheduled for the next sunday

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #30

some development delays (kernel, server infrastructure etc), but we were able to make some good improvements under the hood

(dmknght) #31

I modified Icy-Dark color -> similar acvamarin theme, but i have no icon pack. It would be great if someone join me to create new cyan theme.

(dmknght) #32

It would be awesome if LinEnum and vbscan can be included. LinEnum is a new powerful script for enumerating Linux system.

(517hum 54nd33p4) #33

Search on vinceliuice , most time there is a good icon theme.
Ex :

(Paal) #34

For now I would rather see the one or more 3.1x releases prior to 4.0 - first to take advantage of new team members coming on board, then to have some time to work on factors affecting stability, and lastly to advance some ideas put forward to get the most out of the security and home/workstation editions.


cleaning parrot of deprecated tools would be a good move, having 400+ is only a weight and makes the menu bloat, we only need the essentials, and only when it is done should you start expanding your number of tools because you will know what you do need and what you dont

it will also make upgrade faster, the iso/installation lighter

edit; if you need the job done ping me

(Nur Mahar Aji) #36

emoji icon does not appear, this happens on the search menu, then right click select insert emoji

(Fronterrè) #37

palinuro, ave fratello mio, finalmente piacere mio, ma secondo te e meglio di 3.11? E per che? :thinking:

(Fronterrè) #38

oppure dammi una cosa seria pero, grayie mille.


Why Parrot isn’t good as daily driver? It has Home Edition to download and its based on Debian. So whats its weakness against installing Debian? Because is pentesting distro? Does it make it less secure?


quite the contrary, and as you said it has a home edition which is not a pentesting distro unless you want to, but still has ids/sandboxes installed and tweaked for you, its hardened and optimized to be very fast and secure
one can use a pentesting distro and still be secure though, it depends on the users behavior

if you want to talk about difference between debian and parrot, create a topic about it in the appropriate section

(dmknght) #41

Parrot 4.0 skips root’s password step. So what is root’s password by default? Empty or random or something? would it make Parrot unsafe?