Parrot 4.0 development discussions

(dee pee) #62

msfdb init gives this error code
i need help
#msfdb reinit
[i] Database already started
[+] Dropping databases ‘msf’
[+] Dropping databases ‘msf_test’
[+] Dropping database user ‘msf’
[+] Deleting configuration file /usr/share/metasploit-framework/config/database.yml
[+] Stopping database
[+] Starting database
[+] Creating database user ‘msf’
[+] Creating databases ‘msf’
[+] Creating databases ‘msf_test’
[+] Creating configuration file ‘/usr/share/metasploit-framework/config/database.yml’
[+] Creating initial database schema
rake aborted!
NoMethodError: undefined method without' for #<Bundler::Settings:0x000055c302f507b0> Did you mean? with_options /usr/share/metasploit-framework/Rakefile:18:inrescue in <top (required)>’
/usr/share/metasploit-framework/Rakefile:12:in <top (required)>' /usr/share/metasploit-framework/vendor/bundle/ruby/2.5.0/gems/rake-12.3.1/exe/rake:27:in<top (required)>’

Caused by:
LoadError: cannot load such file – rspec/core
/usr/share/metasploit-framework/vendor/bundle/ruby/2.5.0/gems/backports-3.11.3/lib/backports/std_lib.rb:9:in require' /usr/share/metasploit-framework/vendor/bundle/ruby/2.5.0/gems/backports-3.11.3/lib/backports/std_lib.rb:9:inrequire_with_backports’
/usr/share/metasploit-framework/vendor/bundle/ruby/2.5.0/gems/activesupport-4.2.10/lib/active_support/dependencies.rb:274:in block in require' /usr/share/metasploit-framework/vendor/bundle/ruby/2.5.0/gems/activesupport-4.2.10/lib/active_support/dependencies.rb:240:inload_dependency’
/usr/share/metasploit-framework/vendor/bundle/ruby/2.5.0/gems/activesupport-4.2.10/lib/active_support/dependencies.rb:274:in require' /usr/share/metasploit-framework/Rakefile:13:in<top (required)>’
/usr/share/metasploit-framework/vendor/bundle/ruby/2.5.0/gems/rake-12.3.1/exe/rake:27:in `<top (required)>’
(See full trace by running task with --trace)

(The Godfather) #63

Hola, necesito ayuda en un problema que encontré en la instalación de Parrot, este problema es que cuando empieza a grabar la imagen en el HD se produce un error de instalación y esto en las versiones dual del sistema x32 y x64 de la última actualización 4.1 y algunas actualizaciones … en algunos foros encontré problemas iguales y creo que eso sucede por falta de algunos archivos en las .isos de Parrot … quería saber si hay alguna solución, porque la única que yo mismo descubrí, es que la 3.11 funciona y posee los archivos de instalación en los .isos que no existen en la 4.1, la solución sería instalar la 3.11 y actualizar a la 4.1, pero eso llevaría tiempo y cómo quiero ayudar a las personas que están con el mismo error estoy aquí contando sobre este error que ocurre en la instalación y espero que usted pueda ayudarme … basta con abrir la .iso del sistema descargado con algún gestor de archivos y podrá ver archivos de instalación que poseen en la 3.11 y no poseen en la 4.1 … otra cosa que puede que es el problema de la versión del kernel, pero como no entiendo mucho de esa parte sólo estoy avisando sobre este problema con la instalación del sistema, agradecido por la respuesta …


are you serious??? you want make pentesting but you dont know how to edit the hostname file in linux??? Thats amazing what stupid thing we can saw on forum like that…


type sudo su into a terminal ? or sudo everything for root access,

also what do you mean by wireshark isnt in the applications menu ? its there if you used the security edition and the live iso too which version are you using ?

google this >> how to change hostname linux and im sure you can find your own answers or go look into parrot OLD Forums theres copius amounts of useful info


did you read that properly?
I want it while i install it. i do know how to change a host name and all. but it’s kinda time taking process.
if it was included in installer then that would be easy for everyone.


I know how to access sudo in terminal… whenever i want root in terminal i used to type su and password. I’m a very lazy person.
wireshark is there. but menu isn’t configured by default. they’re disabled for home user account. since there is no root user account. it should be enabled by default for home users.
That’s what i meant.

for godsake it’s development discussions… I’m not asking for help. I’m making request here @rl1k


Is it possible to add some Proxmark3 rdv2 /rdv4 support? For instance have the official or Iceman1001 roms installed and ready to use, so its just plug and play when adding the above or for instance the Chameleon? Laziness on my part, i know but it can add a bit for a little bit of extra input.


Hello, I am new to Parrot and I´m wondering how to create a html file to create a website useing Parrot, thanks. Also how to install a program such as notepadd++ onto the OS. Is there a problem if I am using a image inside a virtual environment?


OMG never saw more stupid suggestions like this… if you want adopt a little 1/3 world guy and he make all your intsallation… Dev are not your mom…


Really liking Parrot Sec OS V.4, it’s well on it’s way to being my daily driver.

Just need some polish and some of my favorite short cuts. Windows+E for file explorer and Ctrl+Alt+T for terminal… etc (yes these can be added afterwards)

…and if you could resize the windows from the sides and the corners.

Great OS and it’s gaining ground on Ubuntu and Mint every day.

(LomitoArabe) #73

I just want to say that I´m glad to read that, I am waiting too for that to happens…

Now, Parrot is OK for now like it is, even though I had some installation problems, like the Grub that doesn’t want to install and other problem with connectivity, I solve it by my self (please, see my post: Installation/WiFi problems and solutions), and now I´m using Parrot as my daily OS, for now I feel it more stable than Kali…

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #74

grub fails to remove its efi version and install the legacy pc version only when you start the live installer from the live desktop instead of the boot menu

the boot menu installer works fine in all conditions

(LomitoArabe) #75

Thanks for your response @palinuro!
I understand, but there is the other problem I had, a weird problem with the graphics on the boot menu installer (is in the topic that I create too), thats why I didn’t give a try to the boot installer, I don’t know if this issue is something about my PC or some kind of bug…

But anyway, it works fine by now.

Another thing, is there a way to add or enable the HUD function and the other “Panel features” for Mate? And can this features be included in the future on the repos?

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #76

this is the wrong topic where to propose these things and parrot 4.2 is now ready, so we can’t include new features in it right now