Parrot 4.1 iso vs 4.0.1 iso?

A week ago I downloaded the Parrot 4.0.1 iso, but now the DL page points to a 4.1 iso. I saw no announcement nor post about this rerelease.

What’s different or why has it been rereleased?

when you update you automatically on the 4.1X release

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

and post the result of uname -r

Thank you, I had already followed the instructions in the latest blog post, however I tend to download the ISO for a liveusb due to Parrot coming in handy when I need to repair a system.

I noticed that the 4.1 (newer) iso has a nice boot splash, and the result of ‘lsblk -f’ shows that the ISO buid date is newer than that of the 4.0.1 ISO.