Parrot 4.10 and Alfa AWUS1900 / rtl8814au

Got strange behavior, like “fixed channel -1” in airgeddon (trying to capture handshake) and the attack windows is closing way too soon (i guess)

WiFi card : Alfa networks AWUS1900
Driver : ohhhh i just found this : A very temporary fix for the current problems · Issue #32 · aircrack-ng/rtl8814au · GitHub [edit: change nothing]

Got negative channel issue, especially using airgeddon. Weird behaviour : working a little bit and 2mn after got nothing…

Kernel : 5.9

Well the NIC seems to be problem, and of course the driver (and the kernel >_<)
So i bought online a new NIC after checked this page Cards and Chipsets · v1s1t0r1sh3r3/airgeddon Wiki · GitHub
So i’m waiting for my Alfa AWUS036ACM :slight_smile:

I got a better behavior in virtualbox and parrot 4.10 on 5.7 kernel (working well exception the evil twin attack, the nic is not splitting corectly and injection can’t work)

I’ll try older version of parrotsec