Parrot 4.10 Bug report

Parrot Security 4.10 64-bit
Kernel Linux 5.7.0-2parrot2-amd64 x86_64
Install Method : Debian Standard
Multiboot : NO

sudo dmesg output

what’s the problem ?

please anyone help me?

I got a “failed” install, and posted as that in other subject. Please refer as there is a lot of great support on that subject in my topic post!

I used the same usb running Ventoy, and this time did a complete “wipe” and added “swap with hibernate,” and got Parrot 4.10 64 to,boot, but it asked for a Password, before install and it doesn’t want the same PW, so I GOT Parrot installed but now can’t get my written down password to let me in!
IT does the same “in valid password” if Live USB goes to sleep and asks for a password, when NONE was set in the first place!

Hope someone helps you very soon!

Here is the TOPIC name… Update failed with unmet dependencies]

A lot of “install” failed support on that Topic…
Really sorry I didn’t mention that in the last post!
Hope it gets up and running, asap!

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